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3 months ago

10 Weight Loss Myths and Misconceptions, Part 1

On this episode, we're going to begin to examine 10 weight loss myths and misconceptions and work to debunk each of them to aid you in working from the weight! Support the Show If you enjoy the show, consider heading over to and donating or joining at one of our membership levels starting at just $1 per month. Studio Sponsorship Work From The Weight is recorded at Johns Creek Studios in Milton, WV. If you would be interested in sponsoring the studio, head over to and sign up as the Studio Sponsor. Weekly Weigh-In As of the recording of this episode I have weighed in at 397.6 lbs. If you would like to get weight updates to track my progress, visit and sign up for as little as $1 per month to support the show. Next Episode On the next episode of Work From The Weight, we'll continue our examination of the 10 weight loss myths and misconceptions with myths 6 through 10 to finish out our list. Until then, keep working from the weight! Follow Us Visit to see how you can follow the show and receive new episodes automatically when they are released. Work From The Weight is a production of Randall Black, © 2023. Learn more by heading to

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