Work from the Weight
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4 months ago

COVID Finally Got Me

Just a quick update for all the friends of Work From The Weight on there being no new episode this week. My day job is in information technology in education and have had had contact with thousands of folks through the entire pandemic and year or so afterwards without contracting COVID. This week, it finally caught up with me and I have been down for a few days just trying to rest and recuperate. August 7, 2023 will see a new episode of Work From The Weight talking about Drinking Water. I think I have some great content to share in that episode and some insights into the changes I have made to move to drinking water almost exclusively now. Make sure you are following the show in the podcast player of your choice to get new episodes as soon as they are available. If you are not following, head over to for links to do so. Until next week, keep working from the weight!

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